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Shorten Your Autumn "To-Do" List, You'll Be Happy You Did!

Blog by Jeff Fitzpatrick | August 18th, 2011

Spending some time in the sun now may be fun, however, allocating some time now to prepare for colder weather may save you a few headaches come Fall. Shorten your Autumn “to-do” list by tackling these tasks now!

Garage Garage/Storage Sweep
Organize your garage/storage area ahead of time and make room for your patio furniture, BBQ, bikes, and all things summer. This way, when summer comes to an end, you’ll already have designated spots for everything you need to store. This would also be a great time to find your holiday decorations, winter coats, and skis!

Tidy Up the Garden
Now is the perfect time to tidy up and organize your garden. While the weather’s still warm, pull up weeds and remove summer bulbs; store them in a cool dry place, like the garage. Replace these bulbs with winter shrubs and spring-blossoming flowers. When leaves start falling, gather and scatter them across the soil to ensure the plants and soil have enough nutrients to last through the winter.

Storage Store Out-of-Season Clothing
With summer slowly winding down, it’s time to say goodbye to t-shirts and sundresses and hello to scarves and cozy knit sweaters. Before putting away your summer wardrobe, remember to have them thoroughly cleaned, mended, ironed, and folded so they’ll be ready to wear next summer. Remember to choose a storage area that’s clean, dark, and dry.

Prepare the Front Hall Closet for Chilly Weather
You’ll want to have your nice warm coats ready for the first autumn breeze. Seeing that we live in Vancouver, this day will be here sooner than you think, so take your coats and boots out of storage and get ready for the first fallen leaf!

Update your Personal Library
Come September, most of us will be spending more time indoors. Why not take some time to update your personal library with new fall titles? If you have a long reading list, this can get expensive, so consider second-hand bookstores, swap services, friends, and the library!