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October Vancouver Market Insights

Blog by Jeff Fitzpatrick | October 14th, 2011

In contrast to the statistics for the entire region showcasing a movement into a pronounced buyer’s market, the west and east side of Vancouver have demonstrated a somewhat spotting transition into the fall. While well priced properties continue to drive the market forward, some properties continue to linger. This lingering effect has not yet produced an oversupply but has punctuated Buyer’s reluctance to jump in without careful consideration.


Stanley Park Autumn

We would normally expect the conditions at this time to be akin to the spring, where activity levels jump and overall market excitement begins to peek. Certainly, the single family category continues to realize strong appeal, and it’s not uncommon to see multiple offers. The condo market, mind you, is more tempered. As we move into the full swing of the fall market, balance and price sensitivity will likely be recurring themes as the global economy begins to gain strength again.

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